The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed by President Obama on July 22, 2014 after passing Congress with broad bipartisan support. WIOA reauthorizes and amends the Workforce Investment Act (1998) through important workforce system reforms.


  • DRAFT: 2018 Update to 2016 - 2020 Seattle-King County Workforce Development Plan

    This is the two-year update to the 2016-2020 Seattle-King County Workforce Development Plan as required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The WDC Board will review on October 19,2018, for approval to submit to the Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

  • 2016 - 2020 Seattle-King County Workforce Development Plan (“Local Plan”)

    The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County developed the 2016-2020 Seattle-King County Workforce Development Plan to support the State vision and implement WIOA to most effectively meet the needs of local job seekers, workers and employers. The local workforce plan approved by the Governor on June 30, 2016, established the framework for the implementation of WIOA in the Seattle-King County region.

  • June 1, 2017 - June 30, 2020 Memorandum of Understanding (MUO) and Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA), as Amended for Program Year 2018

    As per WIOA, the local plan, and the interests of stakeholders and the Chief Local Elected Officials, this MOU reflects an expanded focus on assuring that services reach those most in need throughout the community. Comments the WDC received in response to its workforce plan draft, and feedback from the CLEOs led to efforts to expand the network of partners and programs engaged in the delivery of workforce services to reach job seekers where they are, in the community. The MOU and IFA establish the framework for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship among the partners of the WorkSource Seattle-King County System in order to reduce redundancy, increase cost efficiency, and continuously improve services to our customers.

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