The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County (WDC) is a nonprofit, grant-making organization dedicated to creating career pathways for adults and youth through demand-driven workforce and training programs. The WDC forges relationships across industries and sectors in order to contribute to an inclusive and dynamic regional economy in which all residents and their families thrive in careers defined by growth and self-sufficiency.

The WDC is led by a majority private sector board representing Seattle-King County industry and partner agencies under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014. The WDC is positioned to serve all residents and businesses within the region, with a special focus on youth and adults that face obstacles to acquiring jobs and training along a viable and sustainable career pathway.


To champion a workforce and learning system that allows our region to be a world leader in producing a vibrant economy, and lifelong employment and training opportunities for every resident.


Leadership toward an inclusive, dynamic regional economy.


The WDC’s work has a profound impact on the Seattle-King County community by:

  • Increasing family self-sufficiency through employment and skill development;

  • Aligning education, employers and the public workforce system for efficient and effective use of resources;

  • Bringing millions of federal dollars for economic and workforce development to our area; and

  • Ensuring that young people are prepared for lifelong learning and employment success.

Read more from our Seattle-King County Local & Regional Plan (2016-2020), here.


WorkSource Seattle-King County

The WDC oversees this network of employment centers and sites. Each month, WorkSource Seattle-King County serves 6,300 customers, with 93% customer satisfaction.

Youth Education & Employment

Approximately 600 youth are served in WDC-funded year-round programs that focus on academic achievement, work experience and career exploration.

Sector Strategies

We bring together employers, educators, economic development, unions and workforce professionals to find solutions to workforce issues in specific industries such as health care, manufacturing, and maritime.

Research & Innovation

The WDC is nationally recognized as an innovator in programs and initiatives, such as our award-winning Self-Sufficiency Calculator. Our goal is to share our best practices and research with the community.

Read more about the WDC's work in the Local Integrated Workforce Plan (2016-2020).