Map Your Career is an example of an innovation that allows the WDC to share our sector work with a broad audience of jobseekers, youth, and employers. Map Your Career includes sectors such as construction, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, life sciences, maritime, and interactive media. 

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The WDC aims to promote self-sufficiency through our job training and employment programs. By using our innovative Self-Sufficiency Calculator, any Washington State resident can determine the true costs of meeting their basic needs, based on family make-up and location and what public benefits might help to reduce their expenses. The Calculator’s formulas are based on the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Washington (September 2017).

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Career Coach lets you explore any occupation in depth. All in one place, you can find wages, hiring trends and job descriptions--even local job postings!

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Traitify helps job seekers to figure out their personality types and what occupations and career paths might be great options to explore! Want to find a career that fits your personality? Start here for some helpful insights!

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