2009 - 2014 Reports

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Public Sector Panel Report click for pdf

State of the Workforce Webinar

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State of the Workforce: The Online App (2014)

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Information and Communication Technology Talent Pipeline Study (Dec 2014) click for pdf
Washington State Maritime Cluster Economic Impact Study click for pdf
King County Maritime Cluster Talent Pipeline Study click for pdf

Map Your Career--newly updated for 2013!
(see also www.MapYourCareer.org)

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Health Care Talent Pipeline Study, 2013 click for pdf
Talent Pipeline Study Phase 2, June 2012 click for pdf

Map Your Career: Newspapers in Education chapters

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The Navigator Model: Connecting to Employment click for pdf

The Economic Impact of the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County

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State of the Workforce Update: Fall 2011 Top Job Vacancies click for pdf

2011 WDC Annual Report

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Self-Sufficiency Standard for Washington State (Oct. 2011) click for pdf

Talent Pipeline Study Phase 1, August 2011

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State of the Workforce Update: Spring 2011 Top Job Vacancies click for pdf

Reports on the Green Economy
(These are somewhat lengthy reports and will take a few extra moments to load)

  • Commercial Energy Efficiency Careers: This study highlights careers in the commercial energy efficiency sector and provides inventories of related training programs available through local colleges, industry certification programs, and registered apprenticeships.
  • Energy Efficiency Supply Chain Study: The WDC and SkillUp Washington commissioned this report to explore the “supply chain” of parts that are installed during commercial-building retrofits and whether there are opportunities to create jobs manufacturing these parts here in the Puget Sound.
  • Greening your Business:  A Guide for Creating More Sustainable Organizations: This guide gives pointers to small and medium size businesses on how to "green" their operations and business practices through Sustainability Coordinators or Green Teams.
  • Impact of Public Funding on Green Economy Jobs: This report inventories public funding received or anticipated in the Puget Sound region in four green sectors (excluding manufacturing) and estimates how many jobs will be generated in the region for every $1 million of investment.
  • Outlook for Green Job Growth: Based on an employer survey and key informant interviews, this report gauges green job growth Seattle-King County in the next year across five green economy sectors: green building, energy production and distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and environmental protection and remediation.
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Map Your Career--Newspapers in Education: This six-chapter series appeared in the Seattle Times and was used by teachers in classrooms across Puget Sound to encourage youth to explore careers in target sectors. click for pdf
2010 Annual Report click for pdf

Map Your Career 2010
See also our new website, www.MapYourCareer.org!

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Workforce Results for Seattle-King County (March 2010): A report on how the WDC is using stimulus funds for Seattle-King County.

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2009 King County Green Building Jobs Employer and Education Survey: The WDC commissioned this study to pinpoint "green jobs" in construction and training opportunities for them.

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Interactive Media Competitiveness Study: The WDC joined enterpriseSeattle and the Washington Interactive Network to support this study comparing the competitiveness of top Interactive Media hubs in the United States.

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2009 Annual Report click for pdf
State of the Workforce Update: 2009 Top Job Vacancies
(Summer 2009)
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