The Health Workforce for the Future program provides an exciting opportunity for individuals to find not just a job, but build a career within the healthcare sector.

Healthcare in Seattle-King County is one of the most exciting and dynamically growing areas for the future of work. In Seattle King-County, the healthcare industry provides more than 140,000 jobs through more than 23,000 businesses. Over the next decade, the industry is projected to grow by over 23 percent.

Program participants are provided with career specialist support and training for a range of healthcare occupations based on individual interest and fit as well as labor market demand and industry need—including but not limited to nursing, medical administration, and diagnostic/therapeutic roles. Program staff are committed to journeying alongside participants as together we contribute to Seattle-King County’s dynamic and increasingly diverse population.


A few of our recent cohorts...


North Seattle, September 2017



The program builds on years of the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County’s experience in the healthcare industry—including 5 years with funding from Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) from the Administration for Children & Families with the United States’ Department of Health & Human Services, and more than 10 years of prior healthcare initiatives. This nationally recognized program designs and tests new instructional approaches and training models, and has received acknowledgement and acclaim for both.

SINCE 2012...

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...participants enrolled


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...graduated / completed training

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...placed into a healthcare occupation