Learn more about the workforce investment board composition, as legally mandated by the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act.



All business representatives must be chief executives or have hiring or other policy authority within their organization so that they may represent the business’ workforce interests on the board. We are particularly interested in a business representative from the technology and business services sectors.


Board members partner with representatives of the City of Seattle and King County to set regional workforce strategy. Workforce board members are responsible for:

  • Convening local workforce development system stakeholders to create a strategic plan for employment and training strategy in the region.

  • Leading efforts to engage a diverse range of regional employers in dialogue ensuring the workforce development system meets employer needs; fostering use of the system by employers.

  • Leading efforts in Seattle-King County to develop and implement career pathways and programs of study within the local workforce development area, in collaboration with secondary and postsecondary education programs.

  • Selecting providers of training and career services to receive funding from the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act and other leveraged funds.


Please send nominations to

  • Board openings are posted for at least 30 days

  • Anyone can nominate a potential board member

  • Business members must be nominated or co-nominated with a member of the business community

  • Nominations should include a summary of relevant experience or a link to a professional biography